Aran Scarf 🧣

This is a scarf I made from a pattern designed by Ryan Daniel Koenig, a Dublin-based designer. You can check out the pattern, and more of his designs in his Etsy shop here.

This scarf was a lot of fun to make! I haven’t done a lot of cable work before this, and it was a great pattern to get more experience with this type of knitting.

I produced it using wool from Yarn Vibes. I love their Cliffs of Moher Aran Wool. The blend of 60% Irish Wool and 50% Vigin Merino Wool is a lovely mix of tradition and modern approaches. I used 400g of wool altogether, in the colour Sea Mist.

The scarf was so cozy when finished. Since it’s made using real sheep’s wool it’s water resistant – perfect for cold, wet winters ❄️

Finally, here’s a couple images of the end result 🙌
(Just click to view them in full screen)